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oil changing.

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hey all
im wondering what type of oil i should use in my 98 trx 300
i just started riding a week or two ago and i decided to change oil soon, even though the previous owner said he already changed it. i havent rode it much.
oh yea, he didnt give me a manual either so i dont know what type of oil to run
5w-30, 10w-30? 10w-40?
thanks :funnypolaris:
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Any oil spec'd for wet clutches in ATV's and motorcycles. 10w-40, unless you live in a super cold climate, and then 5w-30 is what mine calls for and what most people use as far as I know, but frankly as long as you have oil in it then you're ahead of the game. ;)

I use honda oil, but you don't have to.
No, it has to be spec'd for wet clutches in ATV's. If you use auto oil the clutch can slip.
Look at the oil. If it looks clean, then just run it for a while. It will be fine.

You know, the color of honey, not chocolate. :)
You can put seafoam in the oil per the directions. Not sure what else to use to flush it with.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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