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oil changing.

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hey all
im wondering what type of oil i should use in my 98 trx 300
i just started riding a week or two ago and i decided to change oil soon, even though the previous owner said he already changed it. i havent rode it much.
oh yea, he didnt give me a manual either so i dont know what type of oil to run
5w-30, 10w-30? 10w-40?
thanks :funnypolaris:
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The recommended oil is Honda GN4 10W-40. Like Pain stated, most automotive oils have friction modifiers that will cause the clutch to slip.

Let me know if your ATV is 2wd or 4wd and I will post a link to an owner's manual that you can download.
THANK GOD I read this post!!! I changed the oil in my previously abused 94 TRX300fw and my buddies mint 1986 TRX350 2 weeks ago and used Quaker state 5W-30 automotive oil. Didnt ride either one just ran them enough to warm up oil and check the levels. Last night I drained the automotive oil from both and replaced with the wet clutch motorcycle oil.

The oil from the mint 1986 came out as clean as a whistle just like honey. I did not replace the filter since I just put one in 2 weeks ago.

The oil from the 94 that I have no history on looked like driveway sealer it was so black. I only ran it for at most 30 minutes over last 2 weeks fiddling with carb adjustments etc. Even the new filter was black. I put another filter in it with the motorcyle oil. Should I flush this engine with anything to clean it out? or just keep changing the filter and oil often t clear out any dirt?
This machine runs real nice just plain old dirty inside I guess
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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