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O6 recon cranks has spark but wont start

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I have 2 of these an 01 and an 06 the 06 cranks fine and has good spark but it won't even try to start. I have put known good cdi rectifier plug coiland caurb.nothing.please help.they both were running fine when they were parked 6 months ago
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try spraying a VERY SHORT burst of starting fluid into the back side of the carb, if it '' hits '' off this ?, then its a fuel issue. if it does not '' hit '' this way ?, then its a timing issue or compression issue.
I have tried that. I think I found the problem.but.I didn't do the test right.I bought a compression tester and tested it today but I didn't hold the throttle wide open like I should have and maybe I should have put a little oil down inside the cylinder before I tested it.what do you think It only showed 30 pounds of pressure
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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