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No start, timing?

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Hi all.

I just picked up a 2001 350es. Kid let it go for nothing, needs a few minor things but it wouldn't start. It is getting spark, and fuel. I used a shot of starter fluid and it backfired. He said this past year it backfired often. He barely had any oil in it, like sad. It does have a bit of compression but not what it should. Not as much as my 2001 250 recon. Pulls over smooth. I'm thinking the timing is off. Thoughts?
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Thanks guys! That's where I'll start!
Ya think so too. The lack of oil, and what our was in it tells me stuff probably got totally gunked up. Suspect there maybe valve stuck also. Only has 5000kms on it so feels like it is worth saving.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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