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Hi guys,
I owned my grandpa old rig last spring with the no start trouble i been able to fix it and make it run perfectly (well she got and exhaust leak and she still have it but I need to buy a new headers for.) When she was running my friend borrow me the quad with the exhaust leeak and after the run she wont start and neutral light wont light on, neutral light is now fix but still wont crank. All power is good on starter and ground too. I took apart the starter to see if the internal was ok and all be good, positive brushes had connection with positive pole on top of starter and same for negative with the case. No mistake on that way, like positive pole connect with ground. Also kick start work but seem not want to start, like not making effort to start. So my qquestion is, did is good to invest on brush set for the starter ( because positive one looking short a bit) or i'm better to buy a new starter?
Also is something else can make quad not starting?

Thanks for your time !!!
P.S I'm a french person so dont be shy to correct myself if my english is bad.
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