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No sparks due to LEDs?

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Heres some back story, bought a new to me 2006 Rincon 680 with 300 hours. It ran OK, but stalled somewhat frequently. I replaced the fuel filter and it started up and ran but I did not test drive it too much because I had it all apart and had other plans. I wanted to go a little above and beyond in the LED accessories because I had some on hand and was bored. (Maybe not my best idea) Knowing good and well I could probably only be able to use one at a time to let the charging system function. SO I put together 4 relays, all wired into the pink accessory wire with 5 fuses. It looks like a jumbled mess but I only spliced into the factory loom 3 times, pink for power, one for ground (off the headlight), and one off the high beam for a switch to one of my relays. Thinking everything was kosher I buttoned it all up and put the bike back together again. I have not wired any type of accessory into the bike because I wanted to get everything together before fabbing up mounts and deciding where everything should be. I say this again, no light has been wired in, just relays and connections. SO I get everything together, and to my surprise NO SPARK. All I wanted to do is take it for a test drive before it goes back in the garage for another week. Fuses are all good. I removed my power splice. I can hear my fuel pump, it turns over, and I am getting no codes.

So my question is, could I have potentially burnt up my stator or some other component in the ignition circuit just by wiring in the relays to the accessory circuit? Is burning up the stator even a possibility from too much of a load? What other components could potentially be damaged? I figured my accessory fuse would blow or one of the 5 others in the circuit. I am reading a lot about the crank position sensor, but the bike ran decent before, at least well enough for me not to think it had any type of intermittent spark issue.

Appreciate any help!
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