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no spark

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I am working on a 300 fourtax 2000 model it has no spark have checked all wiring and fuses pulse generator and coil resistance ranges are good also my manual says that the oil temp light should come on for a few seconds when key is turned on this is not happening anybody have any suggestions ?
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Did you check the resistance across the stator? I would check the bulb in the oil temp light. If it's not the bulb, it might be the sending unit. I would say that's a different problem from the firing problem, though. I believe they will still start when the oil light isn't working,though, just as long as the neutral light is working.
Did you try the stator? That seems to be the only thing left.
Try the test for the pulse generator also known as the pickup coil.
He said he already tested the pulse generator.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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