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no spark

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I am working on a 300 fourtax 2000 model it has no spark have checked all wiring and fuses pulse generator and coil resistance ranges are good also my manual says that the oil temp light should come on for a few seconds when key is turned on this is not happening anybody have any suggestions ?
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one thing that has not been mentioned is your on/off switch on your handlebars. if the little plastic tabs on the switch gets broken, it will leave the circuit connected and you will not get fire. sometimes the switch will get wore really bad and cause the same thing. the two wires going to the switch have to be "open" for it to start. this sounds backwards but that is the way honda made it. it's a long shot, but i have had this happen to me one time. also, on your ignition switch, the "key", the "on" position is a open circuit and "off" is connection or continuity.
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