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I bought this 97 Tex from my boss a little over a month ago. Did all the basics cleaned carb, oil change, new battery, new solenoid, ran fine for a week then lost spark. I replaced the coil no luck, replaced the regulator no luck, replaced the cdi no luck, replaced the pulse gen.... got spark back. Go to put it all back together and start it up then bam fuel issue. Cleaned the carb again put it back in. Would run really rough and the die out. Messed with it a week and found that my carb has two jets one low and one high and my low jet didn't get cleaned good enough cause I couldn't see though it at all couldn't get it clean so I boiled it in water to be able to get a needle though and break the gunk up that worked so I went to try it out again almost certain this was the issue. Now I don't have spark again.....: it's like my pulse generator is out again. I have the wiring schematics but don't know what to make of them regarding this issue. The pulse generator wasn't just replaced so I don't think it's the issue. What causes them to go out? The stator should be fine cause I've never even tried to start it without it hooked up to a running car or a battery charger up on 12v boost.
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