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No power to switch headlights or display

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New here, but have a question about my 2007 rubicon 500 fa. First off let me tell you my problem then what I did. I turn my key switch on and have nothing. I mean nothing. No display, headlights nothing. Good battery I tested it. So what I did was ran a wire offf the battery to the brown wire with a white stripe on it located on the left handlebar. By the start button, and boom it all works and starts. What’s the problem and how do I fix it. Thanks for your help input.
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After running the wire did the screen turn on too? At first it sounds like a blown fuse. I'd check your fuses anyway, if they are smoke colored or straight black or have the small part where the two prongs connect broken then there's your culprit.
Display came on and everything worked running the wire checked the fuses and replaced them, still no luck. Checked all connections also
Okay well then looks like you need to get a multimeter and start from the battery area. And wire coming from the battery you need to check. Some diode will have a weak to no charge. When you find it, replace it. You manual may have something regarding this to help you know what charge level is good and also may show you what wires to check
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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