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Hello Everyone,

quick background on my quad, 2001 trx 400ex.
Got it in a trade and it was leaking like a siv bad at the valve cover once i changed the oil and it got some TLC. rode it for a good month, would idle as long as i needed it to/would kill it.
So I removed the one top cover, didn't need to touch anything in the engine at all, and changed the top gasket, and actually bolted all 12 bolts since the previous owner had 3 missing (hence the leaks). So now YAY no more leaks at all. However i degreased the engine and forgot to cap the Spark plug! DOH!

So i have replaced the spark plug, checked fuse (good), starter and solenoid good because the starter button makes noise like its cranking over (but i get no spark!), replaced the ignition coil itself, and replaced the CDI ignition control module. I get a green light on neutral, and my lights work/turn on. I cannot get the damn thing to create a spark/get power to the coil!! PLEASE HELP! I'm sure the wires are old and i need to replace more but I'm not a honda mechanic and I work on these for hobby. The kill switch worked as i used it to kill the engine before i shut it off for the last time and changed the top gasket. Unless that part of the actual starter/light switch housing is bad and needs to replaced I'm lost. Anyone know what this problem is and how I can get riding again?

Thanks in advance for anyone who is willing to help!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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