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Ok, so there are only a few more things that could be wrong. You have a little black diode back by the battery, and there is also the voltage regulator that is mounted to the frame back behind the battery. One thing you could do if you have a test light or a multimeter is hooked the ground to the negative side of the battery then touch the hot end to the wire going into the diode after unplugging it. Nothing should happen until you push the start button. The same goes for the voltage regulator. Another way to tell is with the meter or tester hooked to the negative side of the battery. look for the yellow wire with a red line that goes to the solenoid. unhook it and put the hot end of the tester to the wire coming from that cluster of wires. Hit the run button. If it reads about 12 volts then the run button works.

any other questions let me know and I will help all I can. I just fixed my 01 trx400ex that had spark issues. idk if you can message me directly, but you can text me at, 2694311641
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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