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Nitrous oxide!

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So I'm curious about this... I've been in vehicles with nitrous both small shots and high, Most engines handle the small shots well and last quite some time and the higher shots usually last a season.
How do CanAms cope with this? I've seen various articles online and the odd link to videos on YouTube with guys running NOS on there CanAm's. Do they hold up or do they go pop after a few days at mud nationals or such like?

Anybody attempted it on a Honda yet?! (No, I'm not considering it) :laugh:
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Have to have at least a forged piston, increase the ring gap vs. NA motor as well. I'm sure it could live happily with a 15-20hp shot. On a carb'd machine I'd probably want to do a wet kit, on EFI I'd look for a tuner that will control the nitrous and add extra fuel/reduce timing and run that with a dry kit. Personally I've never used it, bench racing only. I've considered it for my Rene, my tuner is already set up for it just need forged pistons.
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