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Niche jugs??

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Hey guys been reading alot of stuff from y'all, But never posted. Rebuilding an 01 400ex. Trying to do it pretty cheap without skimping on the quality of parts. Haven't taken it apart yet, since I already know it needs rebuilding. Still runs but burns oil . This things been ran pretty hard but I got it for 600 bucks, figured I could salvage it and have a solid 400ex without spending a ton. So anyway plans are: gonna bore to 416. Got the wiseco hi performance 87mm piston kit from biker bandit. Don't know if my jug is good or not but was considering just replacing with a new one anyway....which leads me to ask if anyone has ever used any "Niche" products. They've got a good price on them was wondering if that reflected the quality or not. Also any good leads on a lower rebuild kit at a good price that you'd reccomend??? Thanks guy's.

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I tried using one of there duel row bearing carriers and it went bad really fast. I would be really skeptical about running one of there engine parts. You can just bore out your stock jug to a 416 and do gt thunder hd head studs and be just fine. Take all of your parts to a competent engine machine shop. If they dont ask for this piston to do the bore then turn and run. They dont know what they are doing. My .02
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