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Newer oem wheels on older 300

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Hi everyone. New guy here just recently picked up a 99 fourtrax 300 4x2 in pretty rough shape. I like fixing up old things, for some reason lol! I've already ordered a bunch of parts for it, but the wheels and tires are shot. I want to keep the factory look. A guy near me is selling a set off a 2016 rancher. It has irs but just looking at pics, the offset looks the same. I found a thread on here where someone asked a similar question and a member said they would work on the older 300. I was hoping to get a 2nd opinion, if possible. I'm currently working out on the river and sending the wife to get the wheels. Thx!


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The photo doesn’t donthose wheels and tyres any justice IMO. The tyres to me look worn more than 50%. The left wheel also appears to have more offset than the right, could just be the angle the image was taken at of course.

As LBZ said above though, you’ll need spacers on the rear to equal the offset.
Have you looked at ITP delta rims? I see you want to keep the factory look but it may be a cheaper alternative for you, and still quite close to factory.
They do however weigh more than OEM wheels and have a greater offset, 1” wider so a 2” track increase overall.
Spacers put a LOT of extra load onto bearings, they also have a tendency to come loose for some reason. I ran them on my 300 but my mileage was very low and mostly at ATV parks not on trails mikes away from home.
IMO you’d be better off not using spacers unless you had no other option, if you do use them be sure to use thread lock on the lug nuts.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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