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Newer oem wheels on older 300

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Hi everyone. New guy here just recently picked up a 99 fourtrax 300 4x2 in pretty rough shape. I like fixing up old things, for some reason lol! I've already ordered a bunch of parts for it, but the wheels and tires are shot. I want to keep the factory look. A guy near me is selling a set off a 2016 rancher. It has irs but just looking at pics, the offset looks the same. I found a thread on here where someone asked a similar question and a member said they would work on the older 300. I was hoping to get a 2nd opinion, if possible. I'm currently working out on the river and sending the wife to get the wheels. Thx!


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Have you looked at ITP Delta Steel rims? I see you want to keep the factory look but it may be a cheaper alternative for you, and still quite close to factory.
They do however weigh more than OEM wheels and have a greater offset, 1” wider so a 2” track increase overall.
7 x 12 Delta Steel wheel weighs 15lbs.
6 x 12 OEM front wheel weighs 10lbs.
7.5 x 12 OEM rear wheel weighs 12lbs.
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