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New to forum just interested traversing terra firma on my Honda.
First Quad 2015 Rancher 420 dct eps irs... loved it wife got hooked after years of bouncing around the back seat. Got a Brand new 2020 520 Rubicon Deluxe for me passed down the Rancher to her...
Rancher as you all know is bullet proof it was a no brainer to upgrade to the 520 Rubi. This thing is a beast torque is thru the roof I only go in eps mode and It is quicker and smoother then ever..... only draw back top speed no quicker then 420 I was hoping to hit 90km no luck 420 limited at 79 seems 520 limits at 74?
Anyways theres me intro... Honda wheres my speed...
Peace out Gloose
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First off welcome to the site!
and sorry to tell you
Honda's are NOT made to be fast, wrong brand if speed is your concerns in an atv(or HP for that matter)
Honda's are also VERY low HP machine too!
a compatible sized CC of ANY other brand will have more speed and HP! and is rather common knowledge in the ATV world!

HONDA's claim to fame are long life and being super reliable !

THE NEW honda 1000 sport side by sides, have a factory offered Turbo, that gets things in them close to a 170 HP and will NOT void the HONDA warranty installing them
SO< if you WANT a honda with speed and power, that's about the best there is , and honestly will hang with almost any SXS out there IMO!

but in the 4x4 atv side of things, Honda's are still WAY way behind in large HP and speed atv's!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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