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Hello everyone!
I just acquired my first ATV for our family
It’s a 2004 Honda Rubicon 4x4
When starting out ,from 0-5 miles per hour the front end has a grinding sound coming from it. When you hit 6mph it goes away. It sounds like you’re trying to shift gears in a 5 speed and have the clutch in halfway or not at all or have bad synchros.

I’m going to change the front diff oil and see if that helps

Besides tearing it apart,any common fix suggestions?

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Make sure you can identify the exact location/source of the noise first in case its not coming from the front differential. If the noise is coming from the motor cases rather than the front diff, then its probably a failing Hondamatic unit. Keep us posted on your progress and welcome to the forums! Got any pics of your Rubi that you can share..?
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