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Good afternoon guys, I'm a newbie with a 2006 Honda rancher 350 FM, i've had the bike for about two months and it's been flawless but of course when I decide to tackle some maintenance I ran into an issue. My oil drain plug thread has stripped, I still have some thread but I can see a crack inside the inner thread, my bolt rides the entire way up and does not wiggle is just does not get tight. I posted a thread asking for advice, and what others have done when this happens. But I also wanted to introduce myself here. I have a some good experience working on marine engines, and boats in general, but these engines are new to me. I can't believe how delicate the block material is. Thank you.

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Not much you can do about it–no oil pan is there? Take a look in the service manual engine parts diagram (IPB).

You can try using thread locking goo like JB weld but that’s more of a permanent solution and then you have to use a crankcase vacuum to remove the oil forever after. That’s probably the most reliable way to go.

You could retap the bolt hole to fit a larger drain bolt, but you don’t know how deep the crack is. Cost depends on if you’re willing to do that work yourself; slight risk of shavings left.

My first choice would be to try plumbers thread tape or plumbers thread compound. Cheapest and easiest but slight risk spreading a crack if you use more tape than needed to snug the bolt

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