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New TRX 420 FM1H

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I live in Canada.

I owned for the past 3 years a Honda TRX420 Canadian Trail edition with an auto tranny and independent suspension.
I sold it to the garage today after 540 miles on it. I constantly had problem shifting this d.. thing.
I finally traded it for a 2017 TRX420FM1H foot tranny. I do not want to see no more electronic stuff on my quad.

I hope I will get a better quad and will enjoy riding alone in the wood, this is a thing I never did because I could not trust it.

I like to read the posts on this forum. Very informative. Hope I will be able to find a shop manual for this baby.

Cheers to all of you.

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Welcome to the forums John!

One thing is for certain you'll be able to shift the new bike! I haven't seen any of the 2017 service manuals anywhere... may have to buy one through your dealer.
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