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Have read a lot and every seems to extremely helpful, thought I would join so I could join in the discussions. Also to find my new help. Started in quads with old Suzuki 250r's, after about five of these rebuilt I have moved into Honda's 400 ex on my second build and struggling with jetting issues. Glad to be aboard. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful with their post to everyone in need.
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Have an 02 400 ex with a 416 piston 11:1, ported polished head, upgraded valves, stage 2 hot cam, full Curtis spark exhaust, k&n filter with outerwears prefilter, air lid with 6 round filters. Currently have a 42 slow jet and 170 main jet, seems to run lean, crackling top end throttle, and backfire out exhaust on deceleration.
Was trying to get to TRX2fiveO how to jetting write up in his signature, just don't know how.
Stock size upgraded valves live in Newark Ohio not sure of altitude, but I do know I'm above ground lol
Altitude looks to be 833' and ambient air is around mid 80's, have the stock upgraded valve
Thanks for the info and we will give it a try. By dropping the clip, I would be going to the 4th slot?
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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