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Hi guys new to the page. Have had several atvs over the years. Thought I'd check this place out. I picked up a 2000 rancher 350 4x4. Anyone else ride 2 wheels as well? I also ride a 2002 kmt 520 ecx.


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Welcome from your neighbor in S.E. La. , I love to ride white sand clear water creeks and miss it , your pic is so familiar , like Deja vue , we use to ride Catahoula , Hickory , Mill and Dead Tiger Creeks out of Kiln , Miss. , but they shit it down years back -------- my friend has the same ATV with 27's ITP swamp Lites and rides with us almost every weekend , he does great with that bike , very seldom needs assistance , you can walk that bike out of some bad predicaments , some avt's you can walk out , when they are stuck , they are stuck ---------- I can only imagine the power of your KMT , I rode a 250 and it was more than I needed or wanted for that matter
Welcome and agree with fishfiles, and grew up there enjoying those clear water sandy rides around picayune, kiln and also in the honey island swamp :)
Go ahead Alloutdoors , I didn't realize you rode Picayune , we may have crossed trails before , does Low Water Bridge , the Horse Bridge , the Cliff ring any bells , we were out there every weekend camping out and riding 4x4 trucks on the creeks and pipelines -----Honey Island Swamp , did you ever ride the Possum Run out of Pearlington ? = that is a wild ride ---- you got to ride with a local now days as the sheriffs will burn an out of state license plater , couple of people who are friends of my friend got burned there recently , got their bikes impounded and tickets , they parked at the grave yard with La. plates , great place to ride but one problem with riding there is you have the State , Local , Wildlife and Feds to deal with
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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