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Good day all. I am rwsretired and new to the site. I was a Honda mechanic from 1970 to 1997. I started my career in the American Honda service department back when it was only motorsports and generators. I was Gaylon Mosier's mechanic in 1973. In 1974 I left AMC and worked in motorsports dealers until 1982 when I switched over to Honda autos. In 1997 mother nature ended my on-vehicle career with a lower back injury that required disk removal. I then worked for KIA motors and Hyundai Motors as a technical writer and service department technical course developer. I finished my career in the development and document creation of bi-fuel (CNG/Gasoline & LPG/Gasoline) systems for IMPCO. I am now retired and living between Lone Pine CA and Guadalajara Mexico with my beautiful wife, Francisca.
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