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New to me 05 trx450r project

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Well it is official. I am a new owner of a 05 trx450r. It needs alot of love. But i traded 400ex parts for it. So no complaints. As of rightnow the engine is draining the water out of it. It sat outside with no valve cover on it. To my absolute astonishment the swing arm bolt came right out. Cylinder is toast and so is the rod by the feel of it. But its almost complete. Missing just a few odds and ends. Now for the crazy. It came with a second frame that is gusseted and powdercoated. And a subframe to match. I will post some pictures to my garage as i did for my winter rebuild. Stay tuned!
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Got 450r parts if anyone is looking for some. Someone changed all the bearings in this botttom end without a press or even a hammer and bearing punch tool. They used flat tip screw drivers to wedge the bearings out..........just sad. Poor hondas cant pick there owners.
yeah bro, I hate seeing atvs ( or anything for that matter ! )..destroyed by dummies. too bad its not a trx300fw ?, i'd take some parts off your hands
Maybe you can find a used set of cases..? I know that PSN sells them for utility models, maybe they have a set. But if you feel like theres too many issues with this bike, maybe its best to part it and walk away. I imagine the PO made a lot more messes than you've already found, being so stupid as he is and all. :-(
Are you wanting too part out or sell whole? I’d be interested in the clutch

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Part out. Make an offer. The inner hub has one of the bolt piers cracked. The clutch frictions are in real good shape by the looks of it.
I always thought it would be cool to put an ATC/TRX 250R motor in a 450R chassis. Old school power combined with new chassis/suspension.

Shoot me and offer. If it’s in good condition I’d love too have a back up

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PM sent bro!
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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