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I recently was given the Honda 4Trax 300 ('99 TRX300) ATV that I grew up riding. It was sitting in my dad's garage, and when I offered to buy it from him- so I could refurbish it- and keep it for me and my son to use (he's almost 4 and LOVES that thing...), and he told me he would just give it to me.

Slight problem- it sat in his garage for a while and wasn't running. On Saturday, we replaced the fuel filter, ignition coil pack, battery and fuel. I actually got it started and believe it or not, rode it a little bit. We had a fuel starvation issue in the end- which I think I figured out, we need to do a carb overhaul... My dad a while back had everything 'worked on' but I guess the coil pack never got changed... It has brand new tires, new throttle/choke cables, and ALL of the brakes work on it great now. It just needs a little carb help...

That being said, I just want to thank the guys on here that got me a copy of the manual so I could read it, and do all that stuff mentioned above and get it to run for a little while! My son was STOKED when he heard me get it started for the first time in a long time! Also, thank you guys in advance for helping me with this project (the restoration) of this ATV. I'm going to be asking some questions- I already have a few... and thank you in advance for your encouragement, advice and Honda ATV wisdom.

This ATV has a LOT of sentimental value in it. I grew up with it, and was a transportation STAPLE in my childhood. We got it when I was 14 (I'm 32 now) and it was the thing that got me where I wanted to- to deer stands/duck blinds/secret fishing spots, camping trips, taking girls in the woods to get away, my friends' houses when I still couldn't drive (my parents live in the country and I helped an older man work on his land so he let me ride all over so I could just about get anywhere I needed in the middle of the night), it hauled countless critters out of the woods, filled hundreds of pounds of corn in deer feeders and it just has a special place in my heart. I really want to get it tuned up and get it to be ole' reliable again so my son and I could have some awesome times on it as he gets older AND I need it to one of the duck blinds we hunt!

I just wanted to thank you in advance.

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