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New Project!

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Hey yall, bought a "300EX with 250X plastics" off craigslist Monday and got this for $350 (see pic).
No compression but it's all there, DG full exhaust, nerf bars and DG front bumper. I can sell that stuff for what I got in it and still have a quad.
So I run the numbers and it turns out what I got was a 87 250X with a 300EX engine. Did some research on the 250X's and I decided to restore it. Found another 250X that supposedly runs if you clean the carb (we'll see) and I'm gonna buy it for the frame and motor (frame on the one I already bought has been welded). Probably have to rebuild it but you never know. Then I'll have a spare motor, wiring harness, battery, etc. for my 300EX and a ton of extra parts.
I'm stoked, yall. I think this is a cool quad to have cause it's the first sport quad Honda ever made other than the 250R and I'll have one of them someday too.
Just wanted to share. Advice or feedback is welcome.


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Nice project. 300ex was my first quad years ago. Rode the wheels off it until I upgraded to a 400. Didn't have any problems with the 300 other than a toasted rear axle carrier.

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