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Hello everyone, Randman from Carson City Nevada here.

Just discovered this forum and decided to join up!

Current Honda's:

(1) 2005 TRX250EX (bone stock daughter's quad)

(2) 1985 FL350 Odyssey's (one bone stock and one modified)
FL350 Mods:.....DG pipe with FMF Quiet Core Silencer
Hillside Honda billet water cooled head with YFZ radiator and Mercedes Benz water pump
80mm Wiseco piston
Works rear shocks
102 Comet clutch
Pilot seat
Trail Tech Trx450 computer
Baja style headlights
Behind seat fan for cylinder cooling

Although my main ride is now an FL350 (basically a recliner on wheels!) I have had many Honda's and will always love them. Great to see this all Honda forum!


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Welcome to the forums.

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Welcome to the forums!
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