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I'm an old time ATC rider from the 80's and have gotten back into the sport with my kids. I've enjoyed reading the forum posts in the past for technical stuff and look forward to adding whatever I can to the members. I've collected the following in the last few years: (2)TRX 250r, 1987 250x, 1986 ATC250r, (2)1985 350x. All fairly original and with the exception of the ATC250r, are used whenever possible. The "r" trike is too much for the kids and even an old vet like me likes to take it easy at times! One pic is from the traveling "museum" on a trip to the U.P. (Michigan). I was surrounded by gawkers and curious "kids" at every stop. Amazing how much interest these old rides generate still.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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