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new & need advice

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I am buying a new ATV but am not sure what model. I require power steering, A/T, Independent suspension, a winch. I prefer something around 500cc to 600cc range. Can anyone tell me what they think is best - the electronic P/S of Honda or the Fluid P/S of Suzuki?::
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Welcome to the forums. If you want power steering, A/T, Independent suspension, then you're pretty much limited to the 420 Rancher.

I don't know anything about the Suzuki power steering, so I can't comment on that.
Thanks: I have to have an A/T due to injuries from Iraq. I am familiar with the ES design is the select lever models better since they are more mechanical than electronic?
The foot shift are just a little more dependable. The ES models have angle sensors and shift motors, etc that can go out.
Thanks-do they make the rancher in a 500 or 550cc?
No, they only come in 350 and 420 sizes and if you want power steering, independent rear suspension, and auto tranny, the 420 is the only one that has all of that. They make a 680 Rincon with an auto tranny and independent rear suspension, but I don't think they have power steering. Honda also makes the 500 Foreman, but they don't make an auto tranny or don't have independent rear suspension. You can get the Foreman in the electric shift model, though.

BTW, the 420 Rancher auto has more horsepower than the 500 Foreman.

Foreman 500 = 26.7 HP

Rancher 420AT = 27 HP

Rancher 420S/ES = 26.6 HP
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