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I hunt mainly white tail deer and turkey. Deer season just ended and I'm counting the days until turkey season. When I get bored in the off season we unfortunately have plenty of coyotes to keep us busy. And the occasional bobcat.

Yeah I read about the ES problem after my purchase. I've also noticed quite a few people still buy them and have good luck with them. I also happened to find a fix on here so I'll hold onto that until I have problems.

Thanks guys.
to me it is so messed up with ES , Honda is pushing it on us , I was at the dealership Saturday that sells 5 brands and the major of what I seen was either belt driven or ES , two things I want no part of , it is like they are trying to phase foot shift out , to me it makes the bike less aggressive , even when they are working right , there is a lag in time on up and down shifts , enough to make you lose your momentum and you wish didn't shift it , not that I am speed racer but I need the PRM's to be rolling to keep rolling -----
agreed !!, they can take that ES crap, and shove it where the sun doesn't shine ! and sure don't care about anything that needs a belt to move ?!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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