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well you cannot add paddles to the front axles, or I nevers een that done before
as for using grease in the front end over gear oil
I guess you could, but honestly, its NOT really a upgrade to adding grease over gear oil to a dif
as water in either one causes things to fail
TRYING to force fill a diff with grease, is adding a TON of pressure on seals, making them more prone to leak in the first place
NOT filling a diff fully with grease also creates voids and defeats the point of things getting lubed up, coating all tings at all times

HOWEVER< since most water guys and honda 4x4 atv's never really ever see any speed to make any heat in a diff housing
any lube will work
but I find it easier to drain oil than grease when water gets in things

not sure if I answered your question or not

but filling a front diff up with grease over oil is the same as doing the rear IMO
your risking blowing out seals and things NOT getting a bath in oil using grease!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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