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New to the Honda ATV forum. Not new to 4 wheeling. Previously owned Yamaha, Kawasaki, and just recently traded my '15 Arctic Cat for a 2017 Honda Foreman Rubicon. The Arctic cat was a nightmare. Wouldn't stay running unless engine was totally warmed up. To change a spark plug you needed to be a 6 year old gymnast with 4 foot arms. Plus must dismantle half the machine to get at the plug.

Found this Honda at a local dealer. Lady bought it in '17 and never drove it. Had 9 miles on it when I bought it last week. Headed up state today to give it a workout. After reviewing Honda's reputation for reliability, I'm happy with my purchase. In fact, prior to buying the Honda I had stopped at our local Can Am dealer. Their mechanic talked to me after I told him I was going to look at the Honda. He stated "Honda's just run, and run, and run". Guess I made the right choice.
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