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I’ve just joined the forum. I’m rebuilding a 1987 Honda Big red, having trouble with a Chinese carb the previous owner put on it. It keeps flooding after running good for a while then won’t start. Any help?
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First thing to check is whether your choke cable/starter valve is seating properly.
The aftermarket carb choke and throttle linkages now I’ve seen dont seem to mate properly to stock cables.
Maybe the choke is not closing all the way which means the cable is binding or too short for the carb starter valve and not allowing the valve to drop back in to normal position.

Proper fix is an oem carb for your model/year
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Sometimes the plug gets fouled and this causes irratic firing especially above idle.
Pull the plug and clean it by soaking in carb cleaner, use a brass or stiff plastic brush to clean off deposits.
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