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Actually, I'm not much of a rider (or mechanic for that matter). My 15 y.o. daughter has a 1995 FourTrax TRX300FW. We live in the Bangor/Bar Harbor area. We have no spark. Tried fuses, coil, CDI box with no luck. It turns over just fine but doesn't start. It flunked the spark plug spark test. Totally at a loss. Ready to take it in to dealer, but thought I could get some pointers.

Should I accept the file offered when I click "Show all content"?
Can you recommend a workshop manual I can get?
Any pointers on how to troubleshoot from battery to spark plug with meter?

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forums Vinny. Is that Bangor USA or Bangor UK?

First off we need to know where you sourced your parts from, we’re they new, eBay items, Chinese cheapies, OEM etc etc? Hold off on the dealer for a while, you’ll find your help right here.

You’ll find a factory service manual (FSM) in the link below, all files are safe to download from this site, just select your model and away you go.
Welcome Vinny
Yup troubleshoot the ignition system chapter 21 I think? You can download the e-manual and buy a printed manual from fleabay.
Check your emergency shutoff switch is on RUN; how long since it last ran?

When you said “tried CDI” what did you mean? Just checked connections? Did you tap on it while trying to start?

Is your spark plug wet? Can you smell fuel?
Try just a shot of starter fluid. Will it fire initially then die?

I would think it’s CDI
welcome, it wont do any good to take it to a honda dealership, they do not, and wont touch anything older than 10 years old !. lets check a few things, neutral light on ?, have you ran a test on the stator ?, is the '' kill switch '' in the middle of the switch on left handle bars ?, tried a new spark plug ?, where did you get the new c.d.i. ?, amazon ?, if so ?, its china junk if this is the case ?. you can down load the service manual from our site here, and do all these test.
Get yourself a copy of the FSM, print out the ignition section and hold on to your original OEM parts because they might need to be put back on the bike. You'll need a decent quality multimeter and some basic tools. Hollar when you are ready to diagnose it... and welcome to the forums!
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