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new member with trx90 problem

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I'm having a problem with the trx 90 05'(no spark). Does anyone have the proper procedure and specs for checking the ignition and run/stop switch? Coil is good, spark plug brand new.
Appreciate any info,
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I'm gonna try first thing in the a.m. yhnx for your help
like i said dude new to the forum. thanks again
bypassed the run/stop switch, still no spark. does this mean the ignition switch is the culprit? anyway to test the ignition switch?
both the ignition and run/ stop wires are the same(2 wires each switch,1 black and white wire, and 1 green wire)
hey moose, been away from the pc for a bit and just got your "EXPERT" advice. info much appreciated, I'm gonna have it running by the end of this week. leaning towards ignition switch and local shop doesn't have one in stock. let you know you know how it goes.
no worries, thnx for checking
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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