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New member wit problem

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Hi everyone
My bike is a TRX500 fped 2013
It stopped suddenly last week and would not start again as there was no spark I tested regulator/rectifier and found a rubbed wire on a little box beside the main rectifier (not sure what that is) so solid in a new splice of wire and resealed I now have spark and checked injector and it's also firing fuel but still no start
Not sure what could be wrong so any ideas would be welcome
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Do you get any flashes showing on the display? Have you checked voltages to and from reg/rec?

If you've got fuel and spark you should have fire!

Your missing something, quite possibly a silly/little thing that youve missed. I assume the timing is correct??
If your doubting a fuel pump, odds on is it could well be! Always go with your first instinct, it's usually the right choice!

Timing can just go out yes, it depends on circumstances though... Mainly abuse and lack of maintenance!

Edit: I would replace the fuel filter and fuel line then try again. If no success I would source a good used fuel pump from PSN (powersportsnation) or of course a new OEM item. Depends on your budget.
Hi sam I'm not far from you here in Ireland didn't see a fuel pump on power sportsnation problem with American companies here is delivery time
Going to put a new fuel pump in and filter even though I hate throwing parts at a problem instead of diagnosing it
Trying to get them fuel lines off is a bit of a nightmare is there a special tool for doing them
Hi John. Yes we're not far away at all are we!

For decent aftermarket parts you could try '', based in South Wales (UK). Very helpful folks and shipping is always within a few days if they have things in stock.
if its getting spark ?, and getting fuel to the throttle body ?, then the only thing left to keep it from starting is not enough compression ?, or the timing is off ?. may have a bent valve ?. do a compression test.
As shadetree has said (he's old and knows better haha) timing could be out. A compression test is a very wise option also.

If you don't have a compression tester you can get a decent one from eBay for less than €20, PM me and I'll send you the link :)
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