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New member needing some help with identification

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Just got this today, me and my friend (we're both 16) are going to try and get it up and running. We have no idea what model or year, I am guessing 90cc, but have no idea. If anyone knows anything about it, model, year, manual, anything we would really appreciate it. Even if you can't identify the model, any idea what kind of oil it uses? I would assume somewhere around 5w 40, but I really have no idea.


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It should say somewhere on the side of the cylinder what size the engine is. For example, if it's a 90 it will say 90cc or maybe 82cc or something like that. I would use Honda GN4 10W-40 oil. If you can tell me the 10th digit (letter or number) of the VIN number, I can tell you what year it is. The VIN number should be stamped on the front of the frame somewhere.
And welcome to the forums.
Before you replace the CDI, check the pulse rotor air gap and make sure it's set right and make sure there's no rust on the pulse rotor. The pulse rotor is located on the left side of the head, behind a round cover.
A little confused as to what I am being told, I removed the starter cover (the pull start) and there really isn't much rust except for the screw in the middle on the engine. Is this the correct thing I am supposed to be removing? Any way to tell if my cdi is bad?
The pulse rotor is behind the round cover that says "Honda" on it. It's at the top of the engine on the left side, not the pull start cover.
This is the cover that I'm talking about.

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Hey, this is the other friend... I'm pretty sure that the pulse generator is underneath the recoil starter just like he had done. It would be near the alternator. The cover you showed (thank you by the way for taking the time to circle it) is like the timing chain I think... I'll take a look next time I'm over. I'm betting I can test the resistance of the pulse generator by using an ohm meter on the wires in the couplers.

I might have it wrong... but thank you!
On those engines, the pulse generator is under the cover that I circled. It's not under the recoil starter on those engines. The pulse rotor is on the end of the camshaft and the pulse generator bolts up close to the pulse rotor and the air gap is adjustable. Those engines are setup like the TRX200 engines. The stator is still located under the recoil starter, though.

Yes, you can check the pulse generator with an ohmmeter, but you will have to take the round cover off to check for rust on the pulse rotor and make sure the air gap is set correctly.
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