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New member needing some help with identification

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Just got this today, me and my friend (we're both 16) are going to try and get it up and running. We have no idea what model or year, I am guessing 90cc, but have no idea. If anyone knows anything about it, model, year, manual, anything we would really appreciate it. Even if you can't identify the model, any idea what kind of oil it uses? I would assume somewhere around 5w 40, but I really have no idea.


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Alright, so its a 1987 TRX125. Replaced gas, replaced oil, turns over nice but is not firing. Seems like we aren't getting a spark, any suggestions?
Kill switch off, spark plug is ok, not great but decent. Seems like we're not getting spark. Would that be the cdi?
Any idea where to get a new c.d.i?
A little confused as to what I am being told, I removed the starter cover (the pull start) and there really isn't much rust except for the screw in the middle on the engine. Is this the correct thing I am supposed to be removing? Any way to tell if my cdi is bad?
Hey, this is the other friend... I'm pretty sure that the pulse generator is underneath the recoil starter just like he had done. It would be near the alternator. The cover you showed (thank you by the way for taking the time to circle it) is like the timing chain I think... I'll take a look next time I'm over. I'm betting I can test the resistance of the pulse generator by using an ohm meter on the wires in the couplers.

I might have it wrong... but thank you!
Some time for a little update.

So the rotor looks great (assuming it is the rotor) really no rust whatsoever that I can find. Plug is kind of dirty, but nothing too bad. I am assuming the CDI is bad, but I could be wrong just from what I've heard/read. Some pictures

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