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New member needing some help with identification

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Just got this today, me and my friend (we're both 16) are going to try and get it up and running. We have no idea what model or year, I am guessing 90cc, but have no idea. If anyone knows anything about it, model, year, manual, anything we would really appreciate it. Even if you can't identify the model, any idea what kind of oil it uses? I would assume somewhere around 5w 40, but I really have no idea.


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Alright, so its a 1987 TRX125. Replaced gas, replaced oil, turns over nice but is not firing. Seems like we aren't getting a spark, any suggestions?
kill switch on ?..check spark plug ?..if that's been checked..then your stator or c.d.i is bad.
Kill switch off, spark plug is ok, not great but decent. Seems like we're not getting spark. Would that be the cdi?
set kill switch to center postition..if still not getting spark..then your stator or c.d.i is bad..replace the c.d.i first..seeing how it's easier to get
Before you replace the CDI, check the pulse rotor air gap and make sure it's set right and make sure there's no rust on the pulse rotor. The pulse rotor is located on the left side of the head, behind a round cover.
thanks helmut..been so long sinse i worked on one of those..i forgot about that ! can rust up real good inside the cover..all over the rotor
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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