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New member just wanted to introduce myself....

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Good afternoon or morning depending on where each individual resides. My name is Kyle I'm 32 and just recently purchased my 1st 4-wheeler, (I know a little late in the game, but growing up didn't have a lot of means). It's a 02 Honda TRX 300EX, and it's really not big enough or fast enough, but it's a nice toy to learn and practice on. Got it for a good deal next to nothing, but u get what u pay for, so found this forum. Hopefully I can learn from the massive amount of knowledge held by the the members of this forum. I look forward to speaking with some of
the members in this community and hopefully I can provide a little help as well. Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and may all riders have a safe and fun ride and safe return home.

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Welcome to the forums, you came to the right place to learn more about your 300ex.
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