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New member in need of help on 2012 Honda es

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It says it’s in first gear but it’s in neutral. You can roll the roller, we’ve tried rocking it. Cleaning all the connectors out. It did it to our friend and he cleaned mud out of two of them and it ran fine. Then when we rode it. My dad tried to put it in reverse and it got stuck in neutral. We’ve looked up the codes and tried everything. Please help me
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Welcome to the forums.

I’m no expert on ES models but a common issue is grease within the motor gears drying and getting hard stopping thingsbfrom moving freely.
You could try this first and see how it goes, I believe others use white grease or lithium, I suppose any light grease that doesn’t get hard would do just fine.

That’s all I have to offer, hope it works out for you.
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