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new member from england!

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hi guys new member hear from uk, ive used honda quads most my life mostly the 450 forman

ime a full time mole catcher who dose a bit of welding and fab work on the side!

currently own a 2004 honda fm and a 2004 fourtrax es....and the es is being a real pain!
i bought it as small expansion of my business and was told it needed a new rectifier so that was duly fitted, but now it seems to have no power at all ie when the ignition is turned on theirs no dash display and it obviously has no life to turn over,thou it will start with the pull cord first time, i have charged the battery.

currently waiting on a new battery to arrive as well as a swing arm bearing and new seat cover
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Welcome , I have a Foreman 450 , in the fuse box is a diode , a black square piece that is about twice the width of a fuse , if it goes bad I know it won't start by the button and will by the pull start , that kinda fits your problem , also check the fuse holders as I have had to cut the wires to one fuse and install a in-line fuse holder

A mole catcher ! I am hunting moles right now around my house , they are making a mess of the lawn , I got one of the spring loaded spiked traps but have yet to get one with it , my best way has been to flood the tunnels with a hose and sometimes they pop out , I have got 3 that way but there are more , any tricks to getting rid of them !
haha moles will drive a man to drink eh! just set the right trap in the right place and you will have him in a day, ime at about 3 and a half thousand moles this year with my best day at 74 moles :)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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