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Hello, I wanted to pop in here and introduce myself since I've been lurking the last week or two.

I hail from the furthest reaches of NY's (currently frozen) North Country. I've lived in rural upstate NY all my life and enjoy all the beauty and splendor that our great outdoors has to offer. I've got a nice big spread out in the woods north of the Adirondacks, and now that I'm pretty well settled in I've decided to finally get an ATV. Well, kind of.

Last weekend I picked up a near total basket case 1992 Fourtrax 300 FW off of Craigshouse for $300, knowing it was going to be a project. This is my first ATV, though I've been riding motorcycles (street bikes) for quite a few years. I'm a DIY guy and love to learn new things, and this seemed like a good way to expand my knowledge of small engines while at the same time getting me into the ATV game with a low initial investment. I have some limited experience working on small engines, but nothing compared to most of the folks I've seen on here. Mostly basic maintenance stuff and some lite power tuning that I've done on my bikes over the years.

I'll confess that I probably wouldn't have pulled the trigger on this if it hadn't been for finding this forum and seeing some of the things guys here have done with their 300's. By all accounts these are super reliable machines if you do even a half decent job of maintaining them. Unfortunately, this one didn't get that kind of treatment.

I've found a lot of good information already and learned much by reading other's threads, but I'm sure to have a lot more questions as I go. I figure I'll do my best to return the kindness by documenting my successes and failures here as well. I'll update this post with a link to my project thread once I've had time to organize my thoughts.

And since I know how much everyone on the internet loves pictures, here's a few shots of the 'ol beater:

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