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Howdy folks!

I adding a used ATV to my collection so that my wife can come along on my dirtbike ride. I'll be picking it up this weekend.

Anyway, it's a 2004 Rancher 350 with ES and 4x4. It only has 1200 miles on the clock and is clean inside and out. The original tires are mounted, but cracked and unsafe.

I understand that even though it's low mileage and was garage kept there will still be issues.

That being said, I've budgeted for the following things:

1. New tires.
2. Oil change.
3. Change front and rear differential oil.
4. Bleed and replace brake fluid.
5. New spark plug.
6. New air filter.
7. Clean gas tank, replace petcock o ring and add an inline fuel filter.
8. Adjust valves.
9. Rebuild carb.
10. New battery.
11. Dismantle shift motor and lube with lithium grease.

#s 7, 8 and 9 may not even be necessary, but given the time in storage might be good preventatives service to perform.

Should I also be concerned about leaky seals in the axles? Replace CV boots? Disassemble the axles and lube? Anything else I should plan for or should I just ride and see what happens?

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