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DASA oversize filter/sleeve
DASA full exhaust
DASA header
Dynojet jet kit for carb and has been rejetted for open airbox configuration
Stage 3 Hotcam
Carillo Piston 12:1 Comp
Ferrea +1 Valves
KW Valve Springs
Head Port/Valve Job
Elka stage 3 shocks/linkage
Houser +2 suspension
Extended metal braided brake lines
Precision Racing steering stabilizer
Houser +1 or +2 steering stem (cant remember if it's 1 or 2)
Lonestar Racing handlebar mount
Flexx handlebars
Quadtech grip "hump" seat
Quadtech racing hood
Vanilla Gorilla Racing polymer skid plate
Rath Racing Front Bumper
Rath Racing Signature Series TT Nerf Bars/Gen 2 Nets
DID chain
Tusk +2 rear axle
DWT MX beadlock wheels with external wheel covers
Maxxis RAZR MX rear tires
Maxxis RAZR X front tires
Pro Design safety cut-off switch
Tusk anodized gas cap
Spastic graphics custom wrap kit

Makes 53 hp and 34 torque on current setup.

Glad to be here!


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I'll welcome you to the forums, however....

One thread is enough, you won't get anymore replies by making more posts/threads, you'll just get me or another mod telling you off lol..

Best option.. start your own thread, members follow threads :)
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