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hi all, Sh00bs here. Im in pasadena (between baltimore and annapolis).

Recently picked up a 97 300fourtrax. been good so far, everything works but it's started to become a smoke machine so i picked up a namiani(?) top end rebuild kit. im extreamly mechanically inclined and have done top ends before so it shouldnt be to bad.

There's a few area's around me to ride/mud that i can get to from the house, so that's cool.

about me? im 24, DoD employee, i've had 50+ quads, bikes, motorcycles and do a LOT of buying and selling on the side. Currently in the line up i have a '70 CB175 cafe racer bike, '69 yamaha trailmaster 100 that's getting a kx or yz80 engine swapped onto it - also cafe style, '98 KTM 300 exc (2 stroke street legal title!) getting tagged historic next year so no inspection, a 79 honda hobbit moped heavily moddified (she does 65mph! MOPED!!) and the quad. Gotta customers 09 ducati monster in that's having FI issue's and a 02 vulcan 500 i picked up to flip.

Car wise, i have a '91 Skyline GTR :) a '85 Rx7 i autocross/drift/street hoon, a beater first gen ford ranger and a clean 89 s10 blazer 2dr 2wd with the 4.3L. Im also building a 1930 model a Tudor sedan Rat Rod that i think im going to put either an RB26 or 2J in... we'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

Hope to meet some other gear heads here


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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