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New kid on the block

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Hey everyone... name is Travis... and I have an addiction to things that burn fuel. I am effort to get my daughters into the outdoors like myself, I bought them a little cheap 90cc atv... and since the girls have one, I needed one too of course! I have had all kinds of bikes over the years, dirtbikes, trikes and quads... So I got myself a little fixer upper '03 400ex. I always make it a point to join a forum focused on whatever the new center of my attention may be... So that brings me here!

A little about the bike:

2003, 400ex, (bummed it doesnt have reverse, but I couldnt pass up this deal). Previous owner had a big bore kit installed and then didn't ride much after that. The bike sat in a barn unattended for years. It starts up every push of the button, but the bike overall needed some attention. I have been buying little things like gas tank straps and miscellaneous hardware. Nothing too crazy, it needed a new ignition switch and solenoid. Spent most of the time putting a wrench on every bolt, replacing missing cotter pins and hitting everything with grease to make sure she is ready to ride.

Just thought I would say hello!

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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