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New Honda 4x4

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I'm looking to buy a new or used honda with independent rear suspension. I've looked at the Rincon and the 420 rancher at. Any feedback on the three speed trans in the Rincon. It sounds disapointing. I've had an 02 foreman with 5sp es and love it. Am leaning toward the 420 but would like the power of the Rincon but am worried about the 3 sp trans. Other info about handling on tight mountain trails and rocky mountain trails will be appreciated.
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I have a 04 rincon and i weight about 300IBls it has no problem moving me up a hill or pulling my 8X10 trailer loaded with tree trunks/limbs. I also have not had any tranny problems but for a 04 i have low miles/hrs

O also it is a big beast i believe 600IBLS dry i don't know what a 420 comes in at. also if you have very narrow trails expect to go around alot.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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