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New Honda 4x4

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I'm looking to buy a new or used honda with independent rear suspension. I've looked at the Rincon and the 420 rancher at. Any feedback on the three speed trans in the Rincon. It sounds disapointing. I've had an 02 foreman with 5sp es and love it. Am leaning toward the 420 but would like the power of the Rincon but am worried about the 3 sp trans. Other info about handling on tight mountain trails and rocky mountain trails will be appreciated.
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I own a 2003 and 2004 450 Foreman ES and a 2005 and 2008 Honda Rincon. This is what I notice going from the foreman to the rincon. The Rincon seems very quick. It rides and Handles Great. It is very fun to drive with the 3spd auto. Now I do miss the low gears and engine braking of the foreman for steep hills but I am just now getting use to the Rincon on steep hills and found out that the brakes in 4x4 will stop you with no problem on a very steep hills and really not slide around like you would think. Now i have heard nothing but great things about the 420 rancher at. My cousin bought one with powersteering and they like it but I haven't got to go see it yet. I will tell you this. If you plan on someone riding with you on the bike the rincon has a lot for room for 2 people to ride than the rancher.
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