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New Honda 4x4

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I'm looking to buy a new or used honda with independent rear suspension. I've looked at the Rincon and the 420 rancher at. Any feedback on the three speed trans in the Rincon. It sounds disapointing. I've had an 02 foreman with 5sp es and love it. Am leaning toward the 420 but would like the power of the Rincon but am worried about the 3 sp trans. Other info about handling on tight mountain trails and rocky mountain trails will be appreciated.
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I have a 09 420 AT and love the hell out of it. It has a very sporty feel to it. And if you put a pipe and optomizer on it it opens up even more. Now if you go with much bigger tires as I did you may want to get the optomizer and pipe but you may not need it as you prob don't weigh as much as me. I could have lived with out it but it brought the power level back up to par and then some. My bro n law has a Rincon and yes it has great power and he is running the same size tires as I am with no need for the power adders, and your right the 3 spd. just left something to be desirerd. The are both great quads, but I enjoy my Rancher more! Sorry I can't help you more than that.
Just for the heck of it I took my Rancher AT out this morning and my sisters Rincon out and the Rincon is just missing something in the ride. Has tons of power but has this car feel to it. that is the only way I can explain it even in ESP. I really don't know.My rancher feels more like a sport quad and maybe it is the HMF pipe making me think that way. it is just much more sporty.
The AT is abought 624 wet! and I am at about 400# and it has no problems with me on it. Now if you go up in tire size say to 27" beprepared for some power loss. and as far as size it is about an inch narrower and I think 2 or 3 shorter than a Rincon. And I have not found a trail I can't squeeze down but that goes for my sisters rincon as well.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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